Thursday, January 19, 2012


This is my blingy spin on the bleak and dreary poem "The Raven," in honor of Mr. Poe's birthday (January 19).

I'm a rather positive person and always look for the good in every situation, but learning the poem in middle school made an impression on me and I always felt a connection. To honor his memory, I made a little sign.

The word "Nevermore" is written in silver and is the raven's perch. The bird has a little bling for his eye. There are three black roses which tie in to the theme in a way you may or may not have not heard of before. For over 60 years a gentleman has gone to his gravesite and placed 3 roses and a bottle of cognac in his memory. The roses are for the 3 people that are buried at his gravestone (he, his wife and cousin). The roses are made of black material and have blingy embellishments.

The sign measures 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall and has a saw tooth picture hanger on the back.

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